Speed_Demonstrator Speed_Demonstrator_Data The original speed demonstrator is pictured at left in its test fixture. Its sole task was to show higher speed to replace the slower traditional solenoid used to operate the conventional injector servo-valve. The speed demonstrator was an actuator only, a test of the speed theory. It used fuel pressure to highly preload the actuator per the theory.

Test results are graphed on the right. The upper plot zooms into a closer view of the initial 200 microseconds, the first 10% of the 2 milliseconds of data plotted below. Both lift and speed significantly exceeded the original target prediction of 70 micrometers in 100 microseconds, achieving 100 micrometers in 89 microseconds. SAE paper 2011-01-0381 is the test report.

The lift is especially significant since it peaked at about three times the predicted amount. The 200+ micrometer lift can completely uncover a typical injector nozzle of 200 micrometers in diameter. This is the data that made it clear that the traditional, conventional servo-valve and solenoid are obsolete and could be completely eliminated; this test information made clear that direct needle drive is possible.