After years of theoretical and mathematical work, Great Plains Diesel Technologies, L.C. was established in 2008 to develop and commercialize the Continuously Controllable Diesel Fuel Injector.

The magnetostrictive actuator inside this injector replaces the traditional solenoid and servo-valve. A magnetostrictive injector will fit within the space allotted for traditional injectors. The injector is covered by patents and patents pending.

This product is about to revolutionize the way diesel engines operate by maximizing fuel efficiency and significantly reducing the need for exhaust aftertreatment. Most emission solutions today concentrate on expensive after combustion treatments, but GPDT tackles the issue at its core.

Over the years, the company has achieved several milestones:
  • 2010 actuator test both proved our speed theory and showed that direct lift of the injector needle (its movable valve element) was possible.

  • 2015 engine test showed very fine changes in heat release for very fine changes in electrical input.

  • 2017 bench test proved bounce-free fast needle motion and very small fuel quantities.

  • 2018 prototype design fits within existing envelope of OEM injector on target engine.
We are ready to further bench, engine and road test this technology on the way to commercialization.