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Great Plains Diesel Produces Prototype Programmable Fuel Injector

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April 11, 2011

In April of 2011, Great Plains Diesel Technologies was able to begin bench test fluid measurements on our first prototype magnetostrictive fuel injector.

Two prototype injector units have been created and given the design name "Scout 1". The units are comprised of the mangnetostrictive transducer in combination with our proprietary spool valve (needle replacement). Both units have been designed specifically for the purpose of "bench test" evaluation and are not intended for engine use.

Testing of these injectors will be completed on a bench setting both internally and via a third party test and evaluation company  to determine the controllability, speed and proportionality limits, open and closing rates of the spool valve, and internal pressure losses of the injector itself. Tests will be performed at a variety of pressure ranges ranging from 400 bar to 2000 bar.  Further detail of test evaluation targets are described in our Design Status page!

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